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We are a team made up of its partners who provide different experiences, visions and skills in the private world, both professional and human, which we have turned to offer an excellent service. We have dedicated a large part of our working lives in large and medium-sized companies in the technology sector, from where our greatest expertise comes.

Daniel silva

Senior accountant, with experience in managerial and directive positions and as an advisor in areas of administration, accounting and finance in  important companies such as Sonda, Copec and Diario Financiero.


Juan Pablo Silva

Commercial Engineer and MBA, versatile professional with experience in executive positions at Telefónica Chile / Movistar and Lógica, plus some ventures in wholesale and service companies.

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Our team of certified psychologists supports us with the process of psycho-occupational evaluations of the candidates.  


We want YOU to feel like our main customer ALWAYS!



The main asset of any company or organization is its human capital. We are not saying it, but the vast majority of organizational experts and business leaders. Therefore, it is a duty of organizations to recruit, compensate and develop them correctly, otherwise a mismanagement of it can quickly deteriorate them.  


People are the fundamental basis of the processes of change, innovation and learning that, in the long term, are vital for the survival and success of any organization.


In each selection process there is a different need. Our commitment is to strive so that the experience of our clients is optimal and that when any of the services are required, we can achieve quality candidates in limited times. At the same time, we accompany the candidates at each stage of the process. 

Oficina de pasar el rato


of value

Servicioempleo was born in 2011 as a Selection and Transitory Services consultancy, dedicated to providing companies with the best candidates. Our first commandment is to listen to the client and know their pain. For each customer problem we adapt a tailored solution. We do not offer packaged services, our offer is 100% flexible to the type of company, the type of charge required and its particularities. Likewise, given the dynamics of each business, we provide flexibility to companies to cover contingencies through the provision of Temporary Services.



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Main office

Sótero del Río 475, Of. 306, Santiago

Phone: +56 2 2696 2454

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